Victoria’s Secret Commercial 2004

I remember this was quite funny when I heard about this in 2004. Some may think it is strange but this may have been on Dylan’s ‘to do list’ for nearly 40 years.

At a 1965 press conference in San Francisco, Dylan was asked: “If you were going to sell out to a commercial interest, which one would you choose?” After a brief pause, the 24-year-old Dylan replied, “Ladies garments.” Or something along those lines anyway. You can find that press conference under the 1965 category on this very here blog.

The song played in the commercial is ‘Love Sick’ from the album ‘Time Out Of Mind’ (1997) – Buy it here from

Buy Victoria’s Secret products from


One response to “Victoria’s Secret Commercial 2004

  1. HA! I’m sorry- but I wasn’t lookin’ at the girl!!! (‘natch…”)

    It does seem utterly appropriate somehow that Bob did this commercial… considering his statement of so long ago… eh, why not?

    I wonder if those two were even in the same room when this was filmed… probably not…

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