1986 Australian Interview with Maurice Parker

I’ve never seen this one before! It’s a great interview Bob done while he was in Australia in 1986. Bob says that he only writes songs that are easy to write. If they are too hard he drops them. Bob is in a good mood and enjoys the interview. Bob even let the program record part of his concert one night and we get to see part of ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ He talks about feeling uncomfortable in crowded rooms, what love and romance is to him and what makes him laugh.
This is a must see!

Some releases you can buy from around the time of this interview are:

Empire Burlesque (1986) CD

Bob Dylan – Live in Australia [The Hard to Handle Tour) DVD

Knocked Out Loaded (1987) CD


3 responses to “1986 Australian Interview with Maurice Parker

  1. “What makes you laugh?”
    “Somethin’ funny…”

    Oh, Bob… 🙂

  2. Bet he’s been on the sniff!

  3. lol, “not quite with it”. Sounds like a nice steady version of Like a Rolling Stone there!

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