Bob Dylan and Norah Jones performing I Shall Be Released

It doesn’t seem that long ago since Amazon held their 10th anniversary concert on July 16th, 2005. I remember hearing the mp3 of this performance and not thinking all that much about it. I just found this video today and I must say I really enjoyed it.
As usual Bob puts on a good show when a female is involved. Dylan’s piano playing seems to be a bit jazzier than usual as does his vocals.
It’s always good to watch professional videos of Bob and this is a particularly good duet. What do you think?


3 responses to “Bob Dylan and Norah Jones performing I Shall Be Released

  1. this is great! do you think they rehearsed? it looks like norah briefly had to figure out how she was going to fit in and then they found the groove. you’re right, though, bob performs well with female singers. check out bob and sheryl crow in 1997 at the El Rey in L.A. thanks for posting this vid!

  2. I don’t think they would have rehearsed… But I wouldn’t rule it out. She was very brave in my opinion as it would be pretty scary doing a duet with one of your idols regardless of how famous you were yourself.

    I’ll try and find that El Rey clip!

  3. A great site !!

    Best from Stockholm, Sweden

    Check out Bob at Apollo Theater, Harlem

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