Bob Dylan and Paul Simon playing Sound of Silence – 1999

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve got an important announcement to make. I wanna introduce one of the.. great talents of the 20th century actually. The one and only, Paul Simon.” . Paul Simon comes out and I’m sure noone would know what to expect.

Relax in your chair and enjoy this wonderful version of ‘Sound of Silence”. The camera work is excellent as is the sound. The song begins with a slow musical intro; The beautiful melody of the classic song. Dylan and Simon honing in on each other having a musical conversation with their guitars.

Singing with Bob Dylan would not be the easiest thing and you have probably heard evidence. This time Bob closely follows Simon and provides at times well timed backup vocals using good notes. For the better part of the song Simon’s and Dylan’s eyes are locked in together allowing them to work in harmony.

After the first verse the pedal steel and drums kick in – David Kemper and Larry Campbell are fantastic players. If you have read previous posts on DylanTube you would know I love Larry Campbell’s steel playing. He makes that four-legged guitar cry.

After the 2nd verse Bob walks over to his amp and picks up one of his harmonicas and plays some strong lines full of emotion.

I’m glad we have a video of this performance!


2 responses to “Bob Dylan and Paul Simon playing Sound of Silence – 1999

  1. Superb! Do you know where this concert was?

  2. They played the song on all the dates below. Hope it helps you figure out the night.

    The Sound of Silence Denver, CO, USA 05-Jun-99
    The Sound of Silence Denver, CO, USA 07-Jun-99
    The Sound of Silence Vancouver, BC, Canada 11-Jun-99
    The Sound of Silence Portland, OR, USA 12-Jun-99
    The Sound of Silence Concord, CA, USA 18-Jun-99
    The Sound of Silence Anaheim, CA, USA 20-Jun-99
    The Sound of Silence Chula Vista, CA, USA 25-Jun-99
    The Sound of Silence Phoenix, AZ, USA 27-Jun-99
    The Sound of Silence Milwaukee, WI, USA 04-Jul-99
    The Sound of Silence Clarkston, MI, USA 07-Jul-99
    The Sound of Silence Maryland Heights, MO, USA 10-Jul-99
    The Sound of Silence Virginia Beach, VA, USA 13-Jul-99
    The Sound of Silence Bristow, VA, USA 16-Jul-99
    The Sound of Silence Albany, NY, USA 20-Jul-99
    The Sound of Silence Mansfield, MA, USA 22-Jul-99
    The Sound of Silence Hartford, CT, USA 24-Jul-99
    The Sound of Silence New York City, NY, USA 27-Jul-99
    The Sound of Silence Wantagh, NY, USA 31-Jul-99

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