About DylanTube

DylanTube is a collection of hand picked Bob Dylan videos that is run by hardcore Dylan fan Josh Lobley.
DylanTube regularly posts Bob Dylan videos and for each one Josh’s thoughts and opinions are there with it. Josh encourages visitors to share their thoughts also by posting comments to the videos. DylanTube is definitely the place to talk respectively about the best Bob Dylan videos on the net!


10 responses to “About DylanTube

  1. Thanks so much for doing this!
    I just commented on one video but wanted to say thanks here too!
    Looking forward to more!

  2. Thank you for doing this! Youtube can be quite a labyrinth. It was very nice to see the Hammond Tribute again. I’d almost forgotten about that performance. Shame on me. Keep up the good work

    All the best from Amsterdam,

    I’ve just recently uploaded my very first (and probably very last) bob dylan youtube video. If you want to ‘review’ it for your blog (;-)) you can find it here:


  3. spinningshields


    I totally LOVE THIS SITE. Thank you for doing this. I’m only up to the Bob-on-Letterman-possibly-Sinatra-influenced “Mister Tambourine Man,” and you are *so* right about this version. I really like your comments–or perhaps I should call them “liner notes,” too.

    Come on over and visit us sometime at Open Minds Forum, and post us something on the “Music That Helps Me Keep on Truckin'” thread.

    The Best to You, and All Your Listeners, from Washington, DC

  4. What a fantastic website ! FANTASTIC !! 🙂

    When I started getting into Dylan in the early 80’s I had absolutely no resources like the current www to get more info on Dylan, all I had were them 33 RPM LP’s and scouring the musical newspapers for new infos…. and he didn’t tour my country until many more years…

    Watching these absolute Gems in here is GREAT! Thanks !

  5. It’s about time! A wonderful experience, anytime I need a Bob Fix…. which is often.
    Just finished watching Factory Girl for the second time, and now I totally understand why Bob did not want this released, not to mention, the actress who played Edie was not exactly a cc of her.
    Being an artist myself, it was so right on, as to Bob’s summary of Andy Warhol. Such a user and, in my opinion, had no talent whatsoever. Just cashed in on the times. Just another freak, whom hopefully, did not have the chance to add to the gene pool. Suz. zanbrandl@gmail.com

  6. awsome thaks great site to view the mozart shakespear poe monet of our time

  7. I really enjoy working on DylanTube- I aim to please and love watching and writing about Bob Dylan.

  8. Here are some great Bob Dylan/ Jay Z mash up remixs I found. I think they are amazing. Esp. Workingman’s Blues!
    Check them out:

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  10. What’s up your ass man?

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