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Bob Dylan videos from the eighties

Bob Dylan rapping on Kurtis Blow’s ‘Kingdom Blow’

I know this isn’t a video but I thought it would be worth it to show y’all.

The song is called ‘Street Rock’ and features Bob Dylan first up, rapping for a verse and leaving the rest to Kurtis Blow until he raps a little more at 6 minutes, 12 seconds.

I think Bob does a real good job of it. Dylan would have been a huge influence to rappers and I’m sure Bob himself would have been influenced by rap when he changed his approach on doing songs in 1987. What do you think about that?


Bob Dylan and Joan Baez performing With God On Our Side on Peace Sunday, June the 6th, 1982

It is always a great thing to see the King and Queen of Folk music get up on stage and sing together.

Most of us have seen Bob and Joan sing this classic song in the early sixties and mid seventies and it is good to see them up on stage together more recently – even though it was about 26 years ago. Apparantly their last live public performance together was in 1984 which is a shame. I would love to see them do some duets together today as I think she would be one person that would keep Dylan on his toes.

What do you think of the jacket Bob wears in this video? I think it looks cool as snow. Bob looks in particulary good shape here probably due to being more sensible with his lifestyle?
Joan sort of looks like a school teacher singing a song to her young students. I think this performance is a good one anyway – What do you think?

Bob Dylan and Tom Petty – I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know, 1986

This may not be the best version of this song from the tour but I enjoyed Dylan raving on about the empty seats to his right. He said he wouldn’t sing until the people sat in the seats. Pretty funny.
There are some great harmonies between Bob and Tom and a few mistakes that they have a bit of a chuckle about.
Being a huge Self Portrait fan I had to post this. I love the version of this song on that album.

Any Self Portrait lovers here?

Bob Dylan – Dont Fall Apart On Me Tonight (Promo Clip, 1983)

UPDATE – I watched this again earlier today and I liked it twice as much. Bob appears to be enjoying himself a lot and is pretty funny. I’m not so sure if he is lip syncing or not. I don’t see any mics but there could have been overheads? Bob does a good job if he is lip syncing.

Anyone know for sure?

This video really speaks for itself. I’ve never seen this promo clip for Infidels before today and I enjoyed it very much. Mick Taylor and Mark Knopfler were great additions to the lineup for Infidels as were the rhythm section.

Bob just cracks me up with his expressive lip syncing. I think I like the song more after watching this.

It’s also good to see where they recorded the album.

Bob Dylan doing an interview for Antenne 2 French TV on June the 30th, 1984

The French Interviewer Antoine de Caunes brings out a side of Bob Dylan that is honest and willing to discuss in detail.

Dylan talks about songwriting and how he has changed over time. Although he does sa he is the same as in 1966! That’s gold – and there is a lot of gold in this interview. Bob didn’t think he would change in the mid 90s- ha. Said he was sick of changing.I need not say more – Watch it!

Part One

Dylan released the album ‘Real Live’ which was made up of live performances from the 1984  tour. This tour seemed to take it out of Bob I think. He looks pretty stuffed, but Rock and Roll is tough!

Part Two

Bob Dylan – In The Garden, Live in 1980

I’m glad I found this one! This is Bob Dylan in 1980 during his spiritual period performing a powerful version of one of my favorites – In the Garden.

I started getting into Bob in about 2001 and it took me until last year to find that his Christian work is the most compelling he has done – in my opinion anyway. There is no doubt that Bob Dylan was very high off Christianity, possessed by God and on a mission to sing these songs. I’m sure these songs would have easily come to Bob Dylan after the overload of information he received during Bible School. This was clearly a very important part of Dylan’s life.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Great quality 2 shot filming, a good mix and a great ensemble of musicians to capture as a part of history. The only bad thing is the song is cut short at the end, but it didn’t have that long to go anyway. This song took me a while to get into and seemed complicated to my ears at first. Now it is one of my favorites and it comes across like a simple biblical song for children or something.
Lot’s of people my parent’s age cringe and curse when the religious period is brought up in conversation but I think their minds are manipulated by the stories in the press at the time. The albums were Slow Train Coming, Saved and Shot of Love. Many of them were just story type songs and weren’t just in your face preaching. I don’t find it unusual at all.

One of my old bands: 69 For Pa, we wrote a whole bunch of songs about Mini Golf. The property in the bush where I live was cattle ground before my parents built so the ground is hard, dry, dusty clay. For some reason we made a 9-hole mini golf course with rakes, brooms, picks and shovels. The band and I played the course everyday and eventually started coming up with ideas for songs about the many facets of our Mini Golf course.
It felt completely natural to write those songs at the time because Mini Golf was such a big slice of our lives. When you can’t think of anything but one thing, you often end up writing a song related to it in some way. I can relate to Bob when he wrote them songs way back when.

Kinky Friedman and Bob Dylan playing Sold American at Chabad Telethon on the 15th of September, 1991

I find this somewhat bizarre as I have never seen a Jewish telethon before. I don’t think there are that many clips out there of Bob Dylan solely playing lead guitar for someone and not singing a word. His electric guitar playing probably could have been mixed in better but this is definitely a must see for dedicated Dylan fans.

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Here is another Chabad telethon clip I found. This one is from 1989 and features Peter Himmelmann, Harry Dean Stanton and Moiche Rubenstein – aka Bob Dylan. ha. They perform a traditional Romanian song and Bob is playing a flute and recorder in this clip.

Oh Mercy CD (1989)

I also found this performance of ‘Hava Nagila” from the same 1989 Chabad telethon as above

and a version of ‘La Adelita’ which features Bob singing and playing the recorder.

If anyone finds anymore of these clips let me know!