Bob Dylan rapping on Kurtis Blow’s ‘Kingdom Blow’

I know this isn’t a video but I thought it would be worth it to show y’all.

The song is called ‘Street Rock’ and features Bob Dylan first up, rapping for a verse and leaving the rest to Kurtis Blow until he raps a little more at 6 minutes, 12 seconds.

I think Bob does a real good job of it. Dylan would have been a huge influence to rappers and I’m sure Bob himself would have been influenced by rap when he changed his approach on doing songs in 1987. What do you think about that?


Bob Dylan and Paul Simon playing Sound of Silence – 1999

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve got an important announcement to make. I wanna introduce one of the.. great talents of the 20th century actually. The one and only, Paul Simon.” . Paul Simon comes out and I’m sure noone would know what to expect.

Relax in your chair and enjoy this wonderful version of ‘Sound of Silence”. The camera work is excellent as is the sound. The song begins with a slow musical intro; The beautiful melody of the classic song. Dylan and Simon honing in on each other having a musical conversation with their guitars.

Singing with Bob Dylan would not be the easiest thing and you have probably heard evidence. This time Bob closely follows Simon and provides at times well timed backup vocals using good notes. For the better part of the song Simon’s and Dylan’s eyes are locked in together allowing them to work in harmony.

After the first verse the pedal steel and drums kick in – David Kemper and Larry Campbell are fantastic players. If you have read previous posts on DylanTube you would know I love Larry Campbell’s steel playing. He makes that four-legged guitar cry.

After the 2nd verse Bob walks over to his amp and picks up one of his harmonicas and plays some strong lines full of emotion.

I’m glad we have a video of this performance!

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Rolling Thunder Revue, 1975) – excerpt from Renaldo and Clara

The sound of the The Rolling Thunder Revue band in 1975 is magical. I love David Mansfield’s pedal steel playing, Howie Wyeth’s drumming, Rob Stoner’s bass playing, Scarlet Rivera’s violin playing and face paint – better said there’s nothing I don’t like about it. Mick Ronson (RIP) also played a huge part in this band and we will not forget him.

Regardless of what you hear Renaldo and Clara is a must watch and you gotta sit through the whole thing. Smoke a joint, have a glass of wine or a beer – whatever relaxes you, and just get into it. It does go for a long time but it is well worth it.

I think the RTR versions of this song are pretty good and I love it when the band builds it down at 2.22 and Mansfield, Rivera and Roger McGuinn play this great thing that you gotta hear to believe.
Speaking of McGuinn I think the two tours really took it out of him, but I think it would take it out of anyone. Lots of drugs and heavy drink keep you up and throw you down.

Was anyone lucky enough to see one of these shows in 1975?

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez performing With God On Our Side on Peace Sunday, June the 6th, 1982

It is always a great thing to see the King and Queen of Folk music get up on stage and sing together.

Most of us have seen Bob and Joan sing this classic song in the early sixties and mid seventies and it is good to see them up on stage together more recently – even though it was about 26 years ago. Apparantly their last live public performance together was in 1984 which is a shame. I would love to see them do some duets together today as I think she would be one person that would keep Dylan on his toes.

What do you think of the jacket Bob wears in this video? I think it looks cool as snow. Bob looks in particulary good shape here probably due to being more sensible with his lifestyle?
Joan sort of looks like a school teacher singing a song to her young students. I think this performance is a good one anyway – What do you think?

Bob Dylan and Tom Petty – I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know, 1986

This may not be the best version of this song from the tour but I enjoyed Dylan raving on about the empty seats to his right. He said he wouldn’t sing until the people sat in the seats. Pretty funny.
There are some great harmonies between Bob and Tom and a few mistakes that they have a bit of a chuckle about.
Being a huge Self Portrait fan I had to post this. I love the version of this song on that album.

Any Self Portrait lovers here?

Bob Dylan – Dont Fall Apart On Me Tonight (Promo Clip, 1983)

UPDATE – I watched this again earlier today and I liked it twice as much. Bob appears to be enjoying himself a lot and is pretty funny. I’m not so sure if he is lip syncing or not. I don’t see any mics but there could have been overheads? Bob does a good job if he is lip syncing.

Anyone know for sure?

This video really speaks for itself. I’ve never seen this promo clip for Infidels before today and I enjoyed it very much. Mick Taylor and Mark Knopfler were great additions to the lineup for Infidels as were the rhythm section.

Bob just cracks me up with his expressive lip syncing. I think I like the song more after watching this.

It’s also good to see where they recorded the album.

Bob Dylan performing Simple Twist of Fate in Burgettstown, PA on Sunday the 18th of July, 1999

I quite like the way this video looks and sounds. The pedal steel cuts through and Dylan is center shot. This is one of those Bob videos where you can see other Bobs from the past in Bob, if that makes sense.

Bob performs this one with passion and is deep into the song. I think you can tell how good of a time Dylan is having by the way he plays. He is firing out some good lines on that strat. I think Bob’s guitar sound is pretty cool. Dirty and crunchy.

When it comes to Bob Dylan’s guitar sound what is your favorite time period?