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Bob Dylan ripping through Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right – Woodstock ’94

If you watched ‘It Ain’t Me Babe’ from this same show you might be thinking – this must have been great show. I am only hearing the performances for the first time now and there is something funny about the way Bob Dylan is delivering the songs.

Perhaps that was the kind of performances he was giving around the time. If you ask me I think he still felt bitter about the hippies cramping his style back in the 60s and is giving a ‘fuck you woodstock’ kind of delivery.

Maybe he regretted not playing at the original Woodstock and he was trying to make up for it.

Here is a Great version of Don’t Think Twice to my ears. I didn’t know how they were going to lift the song off the ground at first but they soon enough sorted out a rockin’ groove – pretty fast too. It wears me out just thinking about playing the double bass like Tony Garnier in a song like this. Great band.


Bob Dylan playing at Woodstock ’94 – It Ain’t Me Babe

For someone who wasn’t too hot on the whole ‘Woodstock’ idea he gave a amazing performance for ‘Woodstock 1994’.

What a massive crowd there was that night – so tame.

Dylan sings beautifully on this number and he really puts effort in.

Who says Dylan can’t play guitar? I think he can and he proves it to us here.

A guy youtube said he couldn’t play harmonica very good – he said he only gets away with it ‘coz he’s Bob Dylan.

I thought that was bullshit.