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Live Good As I Been To You in London, 1993

Tomorrow Night (Sam Coslow and Will Grosz) & Jim Jones (Traditional Australian folk ballad) live in London on the 7th of February, 1993.

Sit down and enjoy a treat of two songs from Bob Dylan’s album, ‘Good As I Been To You’, which was first acoustic album Bob had released since 1964.

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Bob Dylan rapping on Kurtis Blow’s ‘Kingdom Blow’

I know this isn’t a video but I thought it would be worth it to show y’all.

The song is called ‘Street Rock’ and features Bob Dylan first up, rapping for a verse and leaving the rest to Kurtis Blow until he raps a little more at 6 minutes, 12 seconds.

I think Bob does a real good job of it. Dylan would have been a huge influence to rappers and I’m sure Bob himself would have been influenced by rap when he changed his approach on doing songs in 1987. What do you think about that?

Dignity Live in Sheffield, 2000

If you don’t want to feel the hairs on the back of neck stand up – DON”T WATCH THIS!

Great video of a great performance of a great song here.
I never really got into this song as much until I heard the outtake on Tell Tale Signs. I can tell Bob really respects this song, which would be one of the reasons he left it alone when he released Oh Mercy.

I’ve said it before on DylanTube and I’ll say it again. Bob Dylan in 2000-2001 kicks ass. I believe it is a peak in his live career. I love his cruised out approach to delivering songs, the way he holds his fender stratocaster, the way he looks in general. In my opinion this would be one of his best band combinations also. Charlie Sexton, Larry Campbell, Tony Garnier and David Kemper – there is some good chemistry with them and they helped Bob rise in a big way.

Bob does a pretty good lead solo at ’round about the 3 minute mark and Tony’s bass playing is pretty punchy indeed.

Enjoy this one friends and don’t be afraid to leave your own comment.

Bob Dylan and Norah Jones performing I Shall Be Released

It doesn’t seem that long ago since Amazon held their 10th anniversary concert on July 16th, 2005. I remember hearing the mp3 of this performance and not thinking all that much about it. I just found this video today and I must say I really enjoyed it.
As usual Bob puts on a good show when a female is involved. Dylan’s piano playing seems to be a bit jazzier than usual as does his vocals.
It’s always good to watch professional videos of Bob and this is a particularly good duet. What do you think?

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Shooting Star – live in Indiana,PA on the 22nd of April, 1997

This is a great video all around. Great camera work and audio/visual quality and great performace from Bob and his band. I love the spacing in between lines in this version. It makes the song longer which is good because it’s a good one.
Bob plays great lead solos and his guitar his high up in the mix sounding real cool while Bucky Baxter is sliding in on the pedal steel. I think as good as Larry Campbell would have already been I’m sure he would of had Bucky Baxter in his head when he took over the pedal steel in 1998.
This song is really a well written and beautiful song which was originally realeased on the album Oh Mercy in 1989. You can buy Oh Mercy from Amazon and also Time out of Mind which was released in the year of this performance.


Oh Mercy

Time out of Mind

Big River (Johnny Cash cover) – Live in Baltimore, Maryland November the 8th, 1999

This one is a video of Bob covering the great Johnny Cash song ‘Big River’. In my humble opinion this is fantastic audience footage. Whoever shot this must have been very happy with this. Bob is having a good time playing great sounding guitar and even does a lead solo.

The Essential Johnny Cash (CD)

Time Out Of Mind (1997) CD