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Bob Dylan performing ‘Pretty Peggy-O’

I’ve been meaning to post this one for a while now and I could never forget it. I rate this performance very high.

I don’t even know the date or venue but my guess would be some time in 1998 about mid-year. If anyone knows the date and venue of this show, please let me know!

The band would have been:
David Kemper – Drums
Tony Garnier – Bass
Bucky Baxter – Pedal Steel
Larry Campbell – Guitar

This is only the second version of this song I’ve heard. Post sixties of course. Did he do it much in the early 60s?
Anyway, the first version I heard was from a copy of the ‘Mercury Lounge’ show in Melbourne, 1998. I’m pretty sure there weren’t a huge amount of seats sold and many would have been reserved. Was/is the ‘Mercury Lounge a part of Melbourne’s Crown Casino. Don’t know and I don’t really care – they played an awesome show.

What I care about is the way Dylan uses his voice in this period of his career – particularly 1997-1998. To me the melody lines and phrasing patterns Bob uses vocally are very sound and executed, delivered brilliantly.The chord progression is beautiful in this version of the age-old song Pretty Peggy-O, which would go by many a’name as well. The song is elegantly performed by Bob Dylan and his band.


Dignity Live in Sheffield, 2000

If you don’t want to feel the hairs on the back of neck stand up – DON”T WATCH THIS!

Great video of a great performance of a great song here.
I never really got into this song as much until I heard the outtake on Tell Tale Signs. I can tell Bob really respects this song, which would be one of the reasons he left it alone when he released Oh Mercy.

I’ve said it before on DylanTube and I’ll say it again. Bob Dylan in 2000-2001 kicks ass. I believe it is a peak in his live career. I love his cruised out approach to delivering songs, the way he holds his fender stratocaster, the way he looks in general. In my opinion this would be one of his best band combinations also. Charlie Sexton, Larry Campbell, Tony Garnier and David Kemper – there is some good chemistry with them and they helped Bob rise in a big way.

Bob does a pretty good lead solo at ’round about the 3 minute mark and Tony’s bass playing is pretty punchy indeed.

Enjoy this one friends and don’t be afraid to leave your own comment.

Lonesome Day Blues – Live in Philadelphia 2001

Smooth sounding version of Lonesome Day Blues performed in Philadelphia in 2001. This song was recorded by Bob Dylan and his Band in 2001 and was released on the album Love and Theft. I mentioned in another post how great the years 2000 and 2001 were for Dylan. He is as cool as ice. The band is once again Tony Garnier on Bass, Larry Campbell on Electric Guitar, Charlie Sexton also on Electric Guitar and David Kemper on Drums. Dylan even pulls some lead solos off on his Fender Stratocaster and does some of his mid sixties howling at times. Is Bob. Is Good

(The Philly video is long gone – so here’s one from New York 2001)

Lonesome Day Blues was released on Love and Theft (2001)

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“Simple Twist of Fate” Live in Oberhausen 2000

I have heard alot of live bob dylan but I must say I’m glad I stumbled across this treat. Bob Dylan was in fine form in 2000-2001. I believe many performances from these two years are as good as any Dylan has given us.
Dylan gives us a well delivered version of “Simple Twist of Fate” from the 1975 record Blood on the Tracks.

Bob Dylan’s band at the time was Tony Garnier on bass, Larry Campbell on Pedal Steel, Charlie Sexton on Electric Guitar and David Kemper on the Drums.Listen to that pedal steel man!

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