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Bob Dylan performing ‘Pretty Peggy-O’

I’ve been meaning to post this one for a while now and I could never forget it. I rate this performance very high.

I don’t even know the date or venue but my guess would be some time in 1998 about mid-year. If anyone knows the date and venue of this show, please let me know!

The band would have been:
David Kemper – Drums
Tony Garnier – Bass
Bucky Baxter – Pedal Steel
Larry Campbell – Guitar

This is only the second version of this song I’ve heard. Post sixties of course. Did he do it much in the early 60s?
Anyway, the first version I heard was from a copy of the ‘Mercury Lounge’ show in Melbourne, 1998. I’m pretty sure there weren’t a huge amount of seats sold and many would have been reserved. Was/is the ‘Mercury Lounge a part of Melbourne’s Crown Casino. Don’t know and I don’t really care – they played an awesome show.

What I care about is the way Dylan uses his voice in this period of his career – particularly 1997-1998. To me the melody lines and phrasing patterns Bob uses vocally are very sound and executed, delivered brilliantly.The chord progression is beautiful in this version of the age-old song Pretty Peggy-O, which would go by many a’name as well. The song is elegantly performed by Bob Dylan and his band.


Bob Dylan and Joan Baez performing With God On Our Side on Peace Sunday, June the 6th, 1982

It is always a great thing to see the King and Queen of Folk music get up on stage and sing together.

Most of us have seen Bob and Joan sing this classic song in the early sixties and mid seventies and it is good to see them up on stage together more recently – even though it was about 26 years ago. Apparantly their last live public performance together was in 1984 which is a shame. I would love to see them do some duets together today as I think she would be one person that would keep Dylan on his toes.

What do you think of the jacket Bob wears in this video? I think it looks cool as snow. Bob looks in particulary good shape here probably due to being more sensible with his lifestyle?
Joan sort of looks like a school teacher singing a song to her young students. I think this performance is a good one anyway – What do you think?

Video of myself covering Alberta – Recorded today

I have recorded many Dylan songs over the last 6 years or so and I think Alberta was the first song I did. Alberta is a traditional song that opened and closed Dylan’s album Self Portrait (1970).

I have a strong love for this song and I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed playing it.

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Pancho and Lefty – Live with Willie Nelson

The occasison for this performance was Willie Nelson’s 60th Birthday Celebration. This song is a real gem written by Townes Van Zandt. Great story about two cowboys. When you win it doesn’t mean you can’t lose.

Dylan is looking suave and delivers his lines steadily in a really cool tone. as and Willie Nelson wails like the country wailer he is.

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Bob Dylan Like A Rolling Stone in Newcastle, England, 1966

1966 is possibly the best year Dylan ever had performance wise . The 1966 was just off the charts! Gread band, great songs, great time. This version of Like A Rolling Stone is from Newcastle, England. There is all of passion in this performance from all involved.
Albums released around this time are Blonde on Blonde (1966), Highway 61 Revisited (1965) and Bringing It All Back Home (1965) . Many consider these three albums some sort of trilogy because they are all amazing masterpieces.

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One Too Many Mornings with Johnny Cash – Studio footage in Nashville 1969

This is a rare treat here. Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan in a recording studio, Nashville 1969 playing One Too Many Mornings. This song was first released on “The Times They Are A-Changin'” (1963). I think Bob sings like an angel in 1969. Apparently due to him giving up smoking. There was a song from these sessions “Girl from the North Country” released on “Nashville Skyline (1969)

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