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Chimes of Freedom – Live at Bill Clintons Inaugural Concert in Washington, DC on January the 17th, 1993

Here we see Bob Dylan singing ‘Chimes of Freedom’ at Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Concert in 1993.
Bill and Hillary appear to thoroughly enjoy Bob’s presence and his choice of song.

Dylan has this song finished in little more than 3 minutes and when I first watched this I was on the edge of my seat the whole time thinking he would completely flunk a verse. It was just too fast and the band’s music sounded rushed as did Dylan’s vocals. Perhaps there were time restrictions or Bob just wanted to do it that way. Wouldn’t suprise me at all!

Chimes of Freedom was first released on “Another Side of Bob Dylan” in 1964


Dylan Forever Young Live – David Letterman Show on the 18th of November, 1993

Wow Letterman has aged alot since this video – so has Bob. Almost 15 years ago! Bob went on this show to promote World Gone Wrong which was released on Oct 26, 1993.

This is one of my favorite Bob Dylan videos I’ve found. Bob knows he is being recorded for TV and he is living up to his standards. Wearing clothes a la Rolling Thunder Revue almost and the band is there to provide Bob with an amazing solemn groove with the usual amazing steel guitar from Bucky Baxter.

Bob plays a wonderful solo on the guitar around the 3:00 mark which makes the hairs on the back on my neck stand up!

This was a smoking band and there’s no doubt about it at all. I love the way sings this and I never thought gravel could be so smooth and beautiful.

Forever Young was first released on ‘Planet Waves’ in 1974. There are actually two different versions of the song on the record.