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Bob Dylan movies

Have you seen every Bob Dylan movie ?

I have found a list of all the movies Bob Dylan has made or had a part in from IMDB.com and have also done my best to include videos and product links for each film.

  1. Masked and Anonymous (2003) …. Jack Fate
  2. Buy Masked and Anonymous from Amazon.com

  3. Paradise Cove (1999) …. Alfred – Chauffeur
  4. Hearts of Fire (1987) …. Billy Parker

    Buy Hearts of Fire on VHS from Amazon.com

  5. Renaldo and Clara Renaldo and Clara (1978) …. Renaldo
  6. Buy 1975 (The Bootleg Series Volume 5) CD from Amazon.com

  7. Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973) …. Alias
    … aka Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (USA: poster title)
  8. Buy Pat Garrett and Bill the Kid DVD from Amazon.com
    Buy Bob Dylan – Pat Garrett and Bill the Kid Soundtrack CD from Amazon.com

  9. The Madhouse on Castle Street The Madhouse on Castle Street (1963) (TV) …. Bobby
    … aka Sunday-Night Play: The Madhouse on Castle Street BBC (UK: series title)

There is no footage of The Madhouse on Castle Street but the BBC have posted information about it here


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Welcome to DylanTube

This is my first post.

If you are into Bob Dylan you should definetly check this blog out from time to time as I will be regularly adding all the great Bob Dylan videos I have hand picked from YouTube.

If you are not into Bob Dylan it is probably because you haven’t heard of him, you have only heard one or two songs and haven’t really taken much notice, or you have heard a reasonable amount of his music but just don’t get it or like it at all.

For the people who haven’t heard much of this guy this is a great way to get to know Dylan. For the people who don’t like him at all may find a liking for another side of Dylan. He has shown many over time.

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to comment and share your views and opinions.

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