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Live Good As I Been To You in London, 1993

Tomorrow Night (Sam Coslow and Will Grosz) & Jim Jones (Traditional Australian folk ballad) live in London on the 7th of February, 1993.

Sit down and enjoy a treat of two songs from Bob Dylan’s album, ‘Good As I Been To You’, which was first acoustic album Bob had released since 1964.

Click here to buy ‘Good As I Been To You’ from Amazon.


Full Show – Bob Dylan: March 21, 2001 in Melbourne, Australia.

Hi everyone,

It’s been so long since my last post here.

Since then I started – it got shut down – then another bloke took it over and he got shut down too.

Originally – my idea was to make a space to share Bob Dylan videos and discuss them away from YouTube – where the comments section was a junk pile.

Anyway – here’s a new post. My first Bob Dylan concert. Dad dragged me along – I didn’t really like Bob that much at the time. I was about 14.

My family and I were a fair way back at Rod Laver stadium in Melbourne. When I saw that little guy down there start playing ‘Don’t Think Twice it’s All Right’ (, a song of his I liked at the time, my heart melted. It was a life changing moment for me and I’ve never been the same since.

Enjoy!! Bob and the boys were in fine form in 2001!


Blogmaster of DylanTube playing Bob Dylan songs

I have created a Facebook group

Bob Dylan covers by the guy who runs DylanTube

Care to join?

Take this link to join

Come listen to me play Bob Dylan songs on my Gee-Tah.

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It’s Friday 24th of October 3.28AM

and I’m finally going to bed after being up for 33 1/2 hours working on DylanTube.

I love it. I love it. I love it!

Goodnight All and wish me sweet sweet dreams.


You can now access this blog via

Instead of having to type you can just simply enter .
How refreshing is that! In the future I’ll set up a donations box and try to get DylanTube hosted on a good server. You can do way more stuff with blogs.

Bob Dylan movies

Have you seen every Bob Dylan movie ?

I have found a list of all the movies Bob Dylan has made or had a part in from and have also done my best to include videos and product links for each film.

  1. Masked and Anonymous (2003) …. Jack Fate
  2. Buy Masked and Anonymous from

  3. Paradise Cove (1999) …. Alfred – Chauffeur
  4. Hearts of Fire (1987) …. Billy Parker

    Buy Hearts of Fire on VHS from

  5. Renaldo and Clara Renaldo and Clara (1978) …. Renaldo
  6. Buy 1975 (The Bootleg Series Volume 5) CD from

  7. Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973) …. Alias
    … aka Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (USA: poster title)
  8. Buy Pat Garrett and Bill the Kid DVD from
    Buy Bob Dylan – Pat Garrett and Bill the Kid Soundtrack CD from

  9. The Madhouse on Castle Street The Madhouse on Castle Street (1963) (TV) …. Bobby
    … aka Sunday-Night Play: The Madhouse on Castle Street BBC (UK: series title)

There is no footage of The Madhouse on Castle Street but the BBC have posted information about it here

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